Podcast Expert Guests

nathan r

Nathan Resnick

Founder / CEO - Sourcify

Nathan is the CEO and founder of Sourcify, the fastest growing B2B sourcing platform that makes it easy for any company to bring new products to life, to extend their product line, or to cut through unit costs. Nathan tells the journey from when he started selling wristbands to being backed by the multi-billion investor, YCombinator. Nathan says you have to see what kind of opportunities are there for your business and what programs can help you grow, and YCombinator is an amazing program.

Selena S

Selena Soo

Publicity and Marketing Strategist

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. She has helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. Many of Selena’s clients have become industry leaders with 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers.


Nic Peterson

Co Founder - Relentless Performance and Relentless Dietetics

Co Founder of Relentless Performance and Relentless Dietetics. Currently Dedicated to helping other fitness professionals reach multiple 5 -figures a month and live the life they set out to live through their fitness business. Quality of life is king and I am dedicated to helping as many people achieve the highest quality of life possible.  Nic hosts RelentlessPodcast.